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We welcome motivated employees for temporary projects and permanent positions from the most diverse areas of the IT and business world who would like to get away from the daily grind – and go exactly where people and companies are making a difference.

For the jobs we offer you won’t want to go home at the end of the workday. They are challenging but filled with positive energy and excitement: days that offer new opportunities to demonstrate your experience and expertise in a meaningful way.

For temporary jobs:

You will be regularly employed with us. Right here in Switzerland. We take care of all insurances. You are free to choose between various pension models. We also oversee payments to AHV, IV, EO. There are hardly any limitations.

For permanent positions:

We will find the perfect job for you and accompany you all the way through the application process until the successful signing of the contract.

At iET SA, you will find the best conditions for growth and make the most of your strengths.