For Freelancers

We take care of the entire contract management and guarantee accurate payrolling in accordance with the precise terms you negotiated. Perfectly matched conditions for you and your clients are a given, leaving you to fully focus on your job. And that’s not all: we can provide you with proven model contracts and salary calculations. We prepare your contract by tailoring it to your own individual requirements and adapting our processes and structures to perfectly suit you and your clients’ needs.

For Companies

We process the entire personnel administration for you, for example for temporary projects. We have been providing this service to renowned major companies and SMEs for over 25 years. It covers everything you need:

  • We obtain work and residence permits
  • Where needed, we provide assistance for employees relocating to Switzerland
  • We take care of all legislative provisions and provisions of the Labour Act
  • We completely free up your headcount. The programme is an all-round service.


Advice on Payrolling

Pick up the phone, we can provide you with individual and personal advice. On the phone or in person.
You can reach us at +41 44 485 44 85.

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