Training Room

About Training Room

This floor stands out through market proximity, quality, neutrality and an ambience that you will like. Entrepreneurs and freelancers feel equally at ease here, because we offer just the special something which makes us the ideal training partner for both.

We distinguish between three types of offers:

  • Training for freelancers
  • Training for companies in the form of in-house trainings featuring our range of products
  • Training for companies who use us as trainers for their own programs.

You should choose us, because:

  • Our understanding of the market lets us know exactly which skills and certifications are required
  • We guarantee quality of the offer we put together for you, as well as the quality of the selection of training providers and trainers. Without exception, the latter are experts who not only have great teaching skills but also the relevant practical experience. They work in your field of activity day in day out
  • Neutrality is important to us. Therefore, we do not offer a fixed range of products. We even give you a free recommendation on what the most insightful trainings are.

In short: as an employment agency, we know the needs of our customers very well, and we are, therefore, in the position to adapt our training range to fit our clients' need and continuously develop it further. This makes us your perfect training partner. Above all, it significantly increases your success in the labour market.